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Get In On The Next Production Lot!

Muscle car and Hot Rod enthusiasts are already enjoying the Fantastic Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system from the 60’s and 70’s, don’t be left out! Although Hone Manufacturing Co., and Hone-O-Drive Sales Co., have been marketing and selling the re-engineered Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive units and their authentic designed manual shifters for a while to select customers, we […]

Great For Off-Road!

The Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive is not just for hot rods and muscle cars, its perfect for off-road and rock crawlers too! With the Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system today’s off-road enthusiasts can build their rig to handle the most demanding off-road conditions and courses with perfect gearing for those hard to navigate trails while easily converting to […]

Hone-O-Drive™ ─ Authentic and Updated

Authentic with today’s technology, a combination that can’t be beat. Given the historical reputation and notoriety of the Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive, the founders of the Hone Mfg. Co., focused on producing only the highest quality products. This dedication to quality was born of the understanding that, just as in the past, automotive enthusiasts are counting on […]

Hone-O-Drive™ Rises From The Ashes

A small group of engineers and automotive enthusiasts have been working diligently over the past year to bring back one of the hot rod and muscle car icons of the 60’s and 70’s. Yes, you guessed it, these hot rod visionaries have brought back the Fantastic Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system offered by Fred Hone, founder […]