Get In On The Next Production Lot!

Muscle car and Hot Rod enthusiasts are already enjoying the Fantastic Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system from the 60’s and 70’s, don’t be left out! Although Hone Manufacturing Co., and Hone-O-Drive Sales Co., have been marketing and selling the re-engineered Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive units and their authentic designed manual shifters for a while to select customers, we are now making them available to everyone! Imagine having the gear ratios and drive train your Muscle car or Hot Rod perfectly tuned for the drag strip or race track and still being able to show it off in the street cruise or drive it as your very cool daily driver around town or on the freeway. Now you too can enjoy what only select enthusiasts have been able to enjoy by installing the re-engineered Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system in your ride. All Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive units and authentic designed manual shifters are made to order so you must place your order to secure your slot in the next production lot. Due to the long lead times for this made to order product, we encourage you to use the PayPal™ Bill Me Later® feature to order your Hone-O-Drive™ unit and manual shifter. PayPal™ Bill Me Later® offers six (6) months no payments and no interest to qualified purchasers. Using PayPal™ Bill Me Later® you can anticipate receiving your Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive unit before you have to submit payment to PayPal™. Don’t wait till its too late to be part of the next production lot, Order Yours Today! You’ll be glad you did!