History of the Hone-O-Drive™ (Looking Back)

Hone Manufacturing Co., was originally founded back in the 1960’s by Fred Hone to produce and market his design for a bolt-on aftermarket overdrive transmission system capable of handling the high horsepower and high torque engines and drivetrain systems used by hot rod enthusiasts of the day. This overdrive transmission system was known as the Hone-O-Drive™.Hone Manufacturing Co., makers of the Fantastic Hone-O-Drive™ Overdrive Transmission System

The Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system consisted of several variants of the base design allowing it to be installed on most if not all of the popular hot rod and muscle cars of the time. The Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive allowed the hot rod, muscle car and drag race enthusiast to build a vehicle with engine and drivetrain power and gear ratio specifications that excelled on the track and was still “street-able” for daily driving without sacrificing fuel mileage or engine wear due to high RPMs to cruise the highways or city streets.

Hone-O-Drive™ Becomes a Household Name

The Hone-O-Drive™ quickly became a huge success and highly sought after in the hot rod, muscle car and drag race enthusiast culture of the day. Well-known companies and personalities of the day, such as Carroll Shelby, Shelby American, and Motion Performance, marketed and endorsed the Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system to enthusiasts throughout the world contributing to its success and fame. Today, the Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive continues to be highly sought after by hot rod and muscle car enthusiast as they recreate and restore the famous cars of that by-gone era.

What Happened to the Hone-O-Drive™?

The original Hone Manufacturing Co., and its successors from the 1960’s were ultimately dissolved in the early 80‘s during a time of double-digit inflation and no units were manufactured afterward. Typically today, the only Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive units available for enthusiasts are used, worn out or broken units manufactured in the 60’s and 70’s offered by individuals through market outlets such as ebay. These old units from the 60’s and 70’s have a questionable useable life span for use by today’s enthusiasts.

Hone-O-Drive™ – Back to the Future

The founders of the new Hone Manufacturing Co., were fortunate enough to locate and acquire a new unused and uninstalled (NOS) Hone-O-Drive™ unit manufactured by Fred Hone and his original Hone Manufacturing Co. They set about re-engineering the Hone-O-Drive™ unit, securing qualified component manufacturers and suppliers, and forming the company structure to once again offer the fantastic Hone-O-Drvie™ overdrive transmission system to hot rod, muscle car and drag race enthusiast throughout the world.


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