Hone-O-Drive™ Overdrive Transmission System

Hone-O-Drive™ Model B200 Overdrive Transmission System

Model B200

The Hone-O-Drive™ Overdrive Transmission you’ve been looking for, is Back!

Once again having the fabulous Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive available is music to the ears of today’s hot rod and muscle car enthusiasts.

The new Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system solves the problem of achieving the ultimate performance gear ratio combination for both drag racing and daily traffic and highway operation. The Hone-O-Drive™ unit cures the problem of high engine revs when low rear axle ratio drag race gearing is used. The Hone-O-Drive™ allows fantastic acceleration and hill climbing power in direct drive and greatly increased fuel economy and long engine life in overdrive. This is also ideal for use in off-road vehicles, pick-up trucks, and campers where lower axle ratios are generally employed. The new Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive transmission system currently comes in four (4) different configurations including two (2) different Ford type 9″ rear differential bolt patterns and either shared lubrication or independent lubrication designs. See our Model Selection Guide to help determine which model best fits your application.

How it Works

With the synchro in one position, the unit locks up for direct drive. Shift the synchro to the alternate position and the incoming drive shaft drives a custom planetary carrier gear assembly that propels an enveloping ring gear approximately 30% faster. The ring gear drives the rear end pinion gear to reach overdrive speeds.

While it was important to keep the authentic look and feel of the original Hone-O-Drive™, upgrades were made using technologies that simply weren’t available when the Hone-O-Drive™ was first produced. These upgrades and improvements allow the unit to offer performance specifications of 1,000 HP and 1,000 ft-lbs of torque for vehicles up to 8,500 lbs GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Strict Quality Standards

Hone-O-Drive™ Overdrives are made to strict quality standards and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

All new Hone-O-Drive™ components are manufactured under rigid inspection to close tolerances, just like the original Hone-O-Drive™, to promote long life and insure interchangeability of parts of the new units. The housings are cast using high grade aircraft quality aluminum for strength and light weight performance. The design uses a planetary gear assembly with a synchromesh unit mounted in the custom aluminum housing.

Gears are of high quality proprietary alloy metals, treated using a proprietary process for improved wear and high strength, with helical teeth for smooth, quiet operation. Bearings are anti-friction. Drive components are made of high quality proprietary alloy, stress-proof metal for superior strength and improved durability expected of today’s technologically advanced products.

Made in the USA

Hone Manufacturing Co., is proud to be able to display the “Made in USA” emblem on it’s fantastic Hone-O-Drive™ overdrive units.  Made in USA


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