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Hot Rod Magazine – In Line Overdrive Hot Rod Magazine - In Line Overdrive

IN LINE OVERDRIVE – “A quick-change for street-to-strip” describes the new overdrive unit developed by Fred Hone. Remember how very popular overdrive gears once were? Strangely enough, they seem to be rapidly disappearing from the scene in the stock car and hot rod field, at a time when they could be used to such great advantage with today’s big-inch gas gobblers…..


Hot Rod Magazine – Performance Mileage Hot Rod Magazine - Preformance Mileage

HONE-O-DRIVE™ – Who sez ya can’t have performance and mileage in the same package? How does a full-house 396 Camaro engine with a 4.11 rear end grab you for dragging? We thought you’d like that, but we’ll guarantee you won’t like paying for the gas if you do any amount of long-distance driving. So let’s switch to a …..


Hot Rod Magazine – The Over You Drive, The Gasser You Get Hot Rod Magazine - The Over You Drive, The Gasser You Get

THE OVER YOU DRIVE, THE GASSER YOU GET – With the threat of gas rationing a possibility and the prospect of unlimited fuel quantities a thing to be found only in dreams, the economical use of gas could just be the most important thing in your 1974 life…..


Shelby – Hone-O-Drive™ Original Brochure and Order Sheet Shelby - Hone-O-Drive™ Original Brochure and Order Sheet

This unit cures the problem of high engine revs, when low rear axle ratio drag race gearing is used. Allows you to run direct through to your pinion ratio, then shift to the over-drive position and instantly reduce engine speed by 30%. In drag race cars …..


Baldwin Motion – Bolt-On Cruising Power Baldwin Motion - Bolt-On Cruising Power

THE CHORE of tailoring an engine’s torque characteristics to an ultimate performance gear ratio and then trying to make the combination work for both quarter-mile dragging and daily traffic and highway operation, has been …..


Hone-O-Drive™ Model 210 Installation Manual – Vintage Hone-O-Drive™ Model 210 Installation Manual - Vintage

The Shop Manual provides the Service Technician with complete information for the proper installation of the Model 210 Hone Overdrive™. The information is grouped according to the procedures being performed. Specification, recommended tools and materials are included …..

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